How to Prevent Water Damage

When there is heavy rain outside and your home is not protected properly from the elements, there is a chance that the water will go inside of your home and you will be dealing with moisture problems that will lead to severe water damage. It is vital that you always make sure that your home is well protected so that you can avoid calling a professional for restoration services. Here are some tips to help prevent restoration services:

Inspect Your Roof

Contrary to popular belief, roofs are not maintenance-free. You will need to have your roof inspected and repaired regularly if you want full protection against rain and snow. If your roof is over 20 years old, you will need to have it inspected by a professional roofer to see whether you will need to replace it or not. To avoid water damage in the future, make sure that your home is well protected by a strong roof. While inspecting your roof, make sure to check your gutter system as well. Your gutter should be able to flush down water from your roof properly. You can avoid calling a professional restoration contractor by making sure you have a strong roof and a clean gutter system.

Install Drains in Your Basement

If you do not have drains in your basement, chances are that this room will get flooded during heavy rain and snow. If you want to avoid water damage, and at the same time, cracks in your foundation because of mold buildup, you will need to install drains in your basement. If you already have drains in there, you will need to have them cleaned regularly to ensure that they are free from debris buildup that might lead to flooding.

If your home does suffer the effects of water and flood damage, call the damage restoration service experts in New Rochelle, NY right away at (914) 372-1315. S R S Water Damage - New Rochelle will make sure that your home is water-free and restored back to its pre-flood state.


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