Advice from a Flood Restoration Service Company

What would you do if your house has been flooded? More likely than not, you’d call a company that offers a flood restoration service and ask for their help. This is definitely an important step to take, but don’t just stop there. To maintain your health and safety and minimize the damage to your home, you also have to avoid making the following mistakes:

Waiting to call your insurer

Doing this can delay your claims process so, as soon as you discover the water damage, get in touch with your insurance company. This way, they can start processing your claims right away and ensure you’ll get your payout ASAP. They can also give you tips on how to protect your home from further damage and perhaps even connect you with water damage restoration experts.

Procrastinating with cleaning

According to experts, there’s a 24-hour to 48-hour window from the time flooding occurs until mold grows and multiplies. If you clean your home within this time, you’ll reduce your chances of having a serious mold infestation. However, if you go beyond this time frame, you’ll most likely have to deal with widespread mold growth. When this happens, you’ll need to get the services of mold remediation experts to make your home fungi-free.

Turning on electrical appliances

TVs, fridges, and other appliances that have been exposed to flooding usually incur water damage. If you insist on using them, you won’t only destroy their electrical components but you’ll also put yourself at risk for fires and electrocution. Never turn on appliances that have gotten wet in a flood; instead, hire an electrician to clean, dry, and inspect them and certify that they’re safe to use.

Keeping waterlogged items

Undamaged canned goods as well as rugs and carpeting can be saved and used once they’re cleaned, dried, and sanitized. However, this isn’t the case for pillows, cushions, mattresses, stuffed toys, insulation materials, and furniture coverings that have been exposed to floodwater. Throw these items away and replace them with new ones to avoid reintroducing bacteria and other microorganisms to your home.

Avoid these mistakes to stay safe and healthy after a flood. If you live in New Rochelle, NY and have experienced flooding, contact S R S Water Damage - New Rochelle. We offer a professional flood restoration service and can assist you with bringing your property back to excellent condition.


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