Emergency Water Damage Tips

Whether your home was flooded by heavy rains or by a burst water pipe, you need to take numerous steps before you can go back to your previous lifestyle. These include reporting the incident to your insurer, hiring emergency water damage experts, and throwing out waterlogged items that can no longer be used. Read on to get more helpful tips.

Go home only when it’s safe

If the flooding was severe enough that you had to evacuate, don’t go back home until the local authorities confirm that it’s safe to do so. And don’t enter your house right away; instead, hire a professional electrician to inspect your property and confirm that it doesn’t pose any safety hazards to you and your family.

Document the damage

Before you touch anything, take pictures or even videos of your home to record the amount and type of damage it has incurred. Once you have documentation, submit a copy to your insurer to process your claims.

Find a restoration contractor

It’s hard to bring your property back to good shape on your own. So, as soon as possible, hire a company that offers emergency water damage services. This way, you’ll have the assistance of restoration experts who’ll remove dirt and debris from your home, do any necessary repairs, and make your house safe and livable once more.

Take steps to prevent mold growth

Mold can quickly grow in flooded spaces due to the amount of moisture present. To keep your home free from this harmful fungi, you’ll need to use mold prevention methods. These include moving water-soaked items to a cool, dry place and setting up fans to promote proper airflow. Waterlogged rugs and carpets should be treated by professionals ASAP.

Throw out items you can no longer use

Canned goods that got wet but are undamaged can still be salvaged; just make sure to wash and disinfect them properly. This isn’t the case with food, medications, toiletries, and cosmetics that have been exposed to flood water, since they must be thrown out to maintain hygiene and sanitation.

Take these steps to stay safe and healthy after a flood. If you need help with emergency damage restoration in New Rochelle, NY, call S R S Water Damage - New Rochelle. As a trusted restoration contractor, we can assist you with repairing property damages caused by floods and making your home safe and comfortable again.


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